Our premium chip option for those who need a completely customized poker chip from edge to edge.

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As Low As 32¢ Per Chip

Edge-to-Edge Customization

Unlike hot stamping and chip inlays, ceramic chips have a design that is printed directly into the poker chip. Ceramic chip design is not limited by edge markings, so the entire chip is available for customization.

Most Versatile

Since working with ceramic chips is like having a blank sheet of paper, you can achieve nearly any design you imagine.

Highest Quality

Our custom ceramic chips are used in casinos around the world and offer a nostalgic Vegas look and feel.

100% Customizable

Every part of a ceramic chip is customizable, including both faces and even the edge around the chip itself. 

Turnaround: 45-60 Days*

Rush Service: 25-30 Days*

Need your custom ceramic poker chips in a hurry? We can do that.

Pricing Table

Custom Ceramics

Poker Chip Styles

All Ceramic Poker Chip

All Ceramics (10g)


45-60 Days*



90-120 Days*



25-30 Days*

All Quantities
Below 20,000

Add $175 to
Preferred Order

Ceramic Policies

Heavy Customization

Small orders with a high degree of variance between chips may incur additional costs.

*Turnaround times stated above start when an order has both design approval and payment for the order.

How Do We Make Ceramics?

The custom poker chip process may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be! Below we detail the step-by-step process we use to produce your poker chips from start to finish.

Ceramic Process

Everything Starts with
Great Customer Service.

One of our experienced customer service representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have about our custom chip process. If you are placing an order, they will collect the details about your chip, including style variations, denomination breakout, artwork needs and deadline requirements. We'll then use this information to prepare your order and get the process started!

We highly encourage that you use our Get Started page to initiate your order. The information we collect here allows us to spend more time discussing the details that truly matter to you. This is especially helpful to a customer service representative at the beginning of a consultation. Remember, there are an unlimited amount of options when it comes to customization!


Our Design Team Prepares Your Artwork for Production.

Our design team will review any artwork you've provided or specifications you've shared. Artwork for ceramic chips can be complex, since you have two face designs and an edge design and might require alignment across all three designs. We do a short run of your variations to verify the quality of both the artwork and any alignments before going to full production. We'll share photos of these samples so you can see what the final product will look like. 

Once the design team has completed your artwork and ensured it's fidelity, the next step is to get your approval of the designs. We will reproduce a digital rendering of what your chips will look like and you'll have the opportunity to give any final input before production begins. Once we've received your final approval, we send your artwork off to be printed to our ceramic chips. 


Your Ceramic Chips are Produced From Your Artwork.

Your artwork goes from concept to reality as both face designs and the edge design is printed directly to ceramic chips. The final product will be a complete one-of-a-kind poker chip, with a seamless edge-to-edge design. Once we have finished printing your ceramic poker chips, we'll double-check your chips to ensure they meet our quality and fidelity standards. Once we've assured their quality, we ship your custom poker chips straight to your door!

A Variety of Ways to Customization

Who wants limitations on customizing poker chips? We offer edge-to-edge customization options, so you can explore endless design possibilities.

Customization Ideas

Chip Face Design

Each chip has two faces, the front and back. With ceramic chips, both surfaces are a blank slate for your custom design.

Design Details

Design Area: 1.54in

Color: Full Color


Chip Edge Design

Unlike other types of customization, ceramic chips let you choose what the chip's edge looks like. Whether you want a solid color, stripes or something totally different, we can make it happen.

Design Details

Design Area: 4.84x0.125in

Color: Full Color

That’s right! Every order qualifies for a FREE 1/2 hour of time from our dedicated team of designers. That’s not all! We’ll give you an additional 1/2 hour for every $200 you spend on your order.

80% of our customers never spend a dime on design!

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